Holidays Are Best Spent Together

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Jasmine feels nostalgic about her cultural holidays, and her stepdad, Joshua, wants to help her feel better. He helps Jasmine with measurements for her dress, but he starts to cop a bit of a feel – it’s a bit of a risk, and he knows it’s naughty, but he can’t seem to help himself around Jasmine. Ever since she came to live with him, he’s been very turned on by her. The young babe is exotic and radiates sexuality, even if she doesn’t know it. Jasmine feels weird about her stepdad feeling up her tits and ass, but it also excites her. She doesn’t know why, but the thought of being caressed by her stepdad starts to make her pussy wet. She keeps this to herself until later when she’s in the bathroom with her stepdad. Things feel like they’re escalating, and although both of them know it’s wrong, they can’t resist taking their fucked up relationship to the next step. In the shower, Jasmine sucks Joshua’s cock. It’s big, but she manages to get it deep down her throat. Jasmine would have never imagined she’d be messing around with her stepdad, but after the way he groped her pussy, it’s all she’s been able to think about. Their fun continues when Jasmine and Joshua fuck around on the couch. She wants to go all the way and feel what it would be like to have her stepdad’s cock penetrate her. It’s forbidden, and that’s what makes it so erotic. When he can’t help but bust, Joshua coats Jasmine’s beautiful face with a hot, sticky load.

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