High Sex Drive

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Nicole has been getting into a lot of trouble because of her high sex drive. She’s been sucking and fucking any opportunity she gets, and now her salacious behavior has caught up to her. When her stepdad, Joshua, learns that Nicole has been suspended from school for giving blowjobs, he knows he needs to remind her of her commitment to chastity. Joshua pulls down Nicole’s leggings to reveal a chastity belt. It seems Nicole has found a loophole, and although she hasn’t been getting fucked, she’s been sucking lots of cock. Joshua pulls out a hooked metal rod from the drawer and pushes the rounded edge against Nicole’s asshole. It’s cold, and the feeling turns her on, but she can’t let her stepdad know she’s enjoying it. Joshua pushes the rod into Nicole’s asshole and has her swear her commitment to chastity. He needs to know this girl is going to behave and listen to the rules he’s established. Under his roof, his words are law, and Nicole must obey those laws. The entire situation is unorthodox, but both Joshua and Nicole like the dynamic they’ve developed with each other. Joshua can’t tell Nicole how much he enjoys being dominant over her, and Nicole also can’t admit how much she enjoys the rough play.

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