I’m Bad Girl Now

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River discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her right before Valentine’s Day. The sweet chick had all of her plans already set in stone, so this devastating news is all the more heartbreaking. River’s stepdad, Mike, tries to console River by telling her what a goofball her ex is and that she’s way out of his league anyway. Feeling better, River wants to get into her Valentine’s outfit, so she starts stripping in front of her stepdad. Mike is thrown completely off guard. He’s no prude, but he knows sure well he shouldn’t be seeing his stepdaughter’s tits and ass. Still, her perky tits are phenomenal, and it’s been a while since he’s seen a younger chick almost naked in front of him. River laughs, seeing that her stepdad is clearly shocked. She gets the sense he might even be a little turned on, which excites her, but she doesn’t want to make things too weird.

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